Meet Christy Phillipps | Designer, seamstress.

We had the good fortune of connecting with Christy Phillipps and we’ve shared our conversation below.

"As a single mother raising two sons, I often wondered about the world I had brought them into. Seeing them glued to their devices – for gaming as well as for school – I knew the paradigm had shifted and there was no going back.

I wondered, increasingly, about the potential danger of the proximity of high frequency microwave devices to the vulnerable bodies of sensitive people, infants and children, pregnant women, and fetuses."

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Hawk Story

Hawk Story


One recent drizzly afternoon, seeing a clump of moss lying torn on the path, I paused to replant it back into its bed. Standing, I found myself in the shadow of a great bird, which swept close, to light on a branch no more than fifteen feet away from me. 

He was a mature red tailed hawk, splendid in his plumage, and humbling in his vigor, focus and power.
I went motionless. My eyes connected with his, and I was filled with awe. 

I spoke to him. I told him how joyful I was to be graced by his attention. I said that I was humbled by him. 

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The Health Fallout: Analyzing the Medical Consequences of Sugarcane Burn Ash in Florida's Surrounding Counties

The Health Fallout: Analyzing the Medical Consequences of Sugarcane Burn Ash in Florida's Surrounding Counties

In Florida, incineration of sugarcane fields is a method employed to strip foliage, simplifying the harvest of the mature stalks. This practice, while aiding in sugar production, has implications for the surrounding communities.

The ash residue from sugarcane burning, known as bagasse ash, contains a mix of minerals like aluminum and chromium, alongside elements such as lead and total phenolic compounds.

Exposure to the ash from sugarcane burns has been linked to chronic kidney ailments, potentially playing a role in a baffling renal disease affecting farmhands in agricultural zones.

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A Bittersweet Adventure

A Bittersweet Adventure



It was a perfect day for a car trip through Florida’s endlessly meandering canal system, with four good friends, a cooler of snacks and icy drinks, and a brand new camera. I grabbed my NixRay GoBag, and we were off on a gator photo safari.

It was a splendid and sunny South Florida day, but fiercely windy, so the beach was out . Guests were due in the evening, so when Mr.Green suggested a gator- spotting excursion from our farm in West Palm Beach to the nearby Everglades, we jumped. Mr. Green has an uncanny talent for finding excellent adventures and surprising explorations.

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NixRay began in a dream I had one night in 2012


I had been feeling growing concern over my two kids’ constant exposure to RF, Radio Frequency waves.

Phones were always in their pockets, hands, or next to their ears. Laptops were on their  bodies and in their beds, as they gamed, studied, talked , texted and slept.

That sense of unease must have been percolating beneath my consciousness, because in my dream that night, I designed products to shield the body from RF fallout from the devices we love and need.

I began to search for ways to manufacture bags and cases for cell phones and laptops with provable shielding technology.

I knew I needed a company that built RF protection for the U.S. military.

That’s when I met Gloria. Her company was under government contract to produce Mil/Spec materials, and I worked with them  to develop NixRay’s protective ability to the highest testable degree.

From the beginning, until long after I had moved to smaller production houses, Gloria continued to guide and support me.

Through the years, as our friendship grew, she was always my cheerleader, helping me grow through my mistakes and to move into the future with a better product. She was always my ally.

R.I.P. Gloria. I couldn’t have done it without your knowledge, your wit and your light. I will never forget you.

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The Impact of Nixray's RF Shielding Technology


Maximizing Wellness & Personal Health

Introduction to Radio Frequency Radiation and Health Concerns

Radio frequency (RF) radiation, an invisible energy commonly emitted by wireless devices, has raised public health concerns. While some studies hint at a potential connection to cancer, others dismiss a significant risk. Authorities differ in their stance, with classifications ranging from 'possibly carcinogenic' to advocating for more evidence. Consequently, recommendations to minimize RF exposure persist, though the certainty of risk reduction remains elusive.

Understanding Nixray's RF Shielding Technology

Nixray has harnessed the protective properties of conductive materials in its pioneering RF shielding solutions. By enveloping electronic devices with barriers composed of robust metals like copper and silver, these innovative fabrics intercept and disperse harmful RF signals. This defensive layer acts as a fortress, significantly diminishing the amount of RF radiation that can permeate through to reach the user, thereby offering a shield against the invisible tide of electromagnetic interference.


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Stamford Rejects Deal Allowing 5G on City-Owned Utility Poles

STAMFORD – The Board of Representatives has rejected an agreement, brokered by the governor’s office, that set terms for allowing telecommunications carriers to install 5G equipment on city-owned utility poles.

Twenty-one city representatives Wednesday decided against accepting the state’s template for applications by telecoms that seek to place antennas and other equipment on poles in public rights of way. 

Representatives said they were persuaded by research presented during an October meeting of the board’s Land Use Committee claiming to show that 5G technology can cause brain damage, headaches, memory loss, damage to reproductive organs and the nervous system, and genetic damage, as well as harm to trees, birds, insects and wildlife.


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NixRay In 2024


We recently put together a studio photoshoot in NYC to bring a fresh perspective to the NixRay collection for the New Year. Enjoy this brief preview and shop at your leisure.

Laptop Cases

Nixray Laptop Cases

NixRay's Laptop Cases deliver function, protection, and streamlined minimalist good looks.  


Cell Phone Sleeves

NixRay Cell Phone Sleeves

Slip the NixRay PHONE SLEEVE into your pocket or bag and protect your body from harmful Radio Frequency thermal damage.



Go Bags

NixRay Go Bag

Go hands free, and travel lightly, with our sporty Go Bag, in your choice of classic waxed cotton (TexWax™) or lightweight and durable Dyneema®.


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RFK JR - The Dangers of 5G & The Problem with “Trusting The Experts”

 “My concern with 5G is the RF radiation from 5G is dangerous. It disrupts the blood brain barrier. It is also associated with glioblastomas & other cancers & it causes a lot of other dramatic health effects and there are literally thousands of studies on that. And I’ve won in the Federal Court of Appeals, So you can say it’s a “conspiracy theory”,… I also won a case against on monsanto and glyphosate, that they caused Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and that’s as called a “conspiracy theory…> We need to protect our children. We should not have these antennas on elementary schools. We should be warning people appropriately to not put that cell phone next to your head.


“Trusting the experts is a function of religion and totalitarianism, and is not a function of democracy, and in a democracy we question everything.”

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When Worlds Collide or When Worlds Conjoin?

“The past went thataway” 
Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is the Message 
Bantam Books 1976 

We are launching NixRay on the thirtieth birthday of the Internet. In March of 1989, 30 year old Tim Berners-Lee, a software engineer at CERN Laboratories, initiated the connecting of individual computers into a free network of shared information, and the world began surfing the Web.

 It was a mere 11 years ago that Apple released the first iPhone, marrying telephone and computer in a sleek and pocketable package of unparalleled technological function.

Copied and honed, personal devices quickly became and continue to become, faster, prettier, and cheaper, catalyzing a global paradigm shift. In every aspect of life, professional, educational, and social, we are expected to stay connected.

We love our devices, personal gateways to the world’s information and disinformation, and we love the free global communication they afford. Our cell phones are with us at all times, checking on our kids, and sick parents. They navigate us through life, and we need them with us when we need to call for road service.

Yet, the vast body of information, entertainment and communication our devices deliver does not come to us by magic, but is carried on skin skimming electromagnetic waves.

Although invisible, Radio Frequency waves are undeniably real and are thermally impacting to specific sensitive body tissues. This is amply substantiated by empirical peer reviewed science. Research data demonstrates that sperm quality, the delicate tissues of fetuses, infants and children, as well as the cells of breasts, salivary glands, eyes and ears, have greater susceptibility to Radio Frequency thermal damage.

The tech industry has long countered any questioning of the safety of unprotected and prolonged body contact with cell phones and laptops, as well as other types of technology using WiFi, and the Internet is full of skewed studies funded by the telecom industry. Their main argument is a specious one, based upon the fact that Radio Frequency doesn’t impact human tissue by ionization, and therefore cannot cause cancer. While this is true, it conveniently ignores the harmful thermal potential of skin skimming radio frequency waves, which can do damage by over-heating shallow nerve tissue, disabling the body’s ability to heal, or in some cases, to fight tumors.

Meanwhile, most technologically advanced nations, other than the U.S., ban the use of WiFi devices by or near young children. Belgium has just prohibited 5G. France, Russia, China, Australia, and Germany have placed restrictions on the use of devices by young children, and limit the time that WiFi is active in all classrooms, where between students personal devices and school teaching screens, 
Radio Frequency levels can be extremely high.

Israel regularly tests Radio Frequency levels in classrooms, and requires that teacher’s screens be hard wired. Other recommendations also include maintaining distance from wireless phone bases, and modems, and using the speaker function on cell phones, keeping the phone away from ears and crania. We all know that weird hot tingle that happens when you hold your phone to your ear for even a few minutes.

Pulsing electromagnetic currents are unseen. They are still mysterious, even to scientists. The prophetic sci-fi writer, Philip K. Dick, who wrote Bladerunner, said, in 1978, “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” Denying the possible negative impact of too much body closeness to Radio Frequency transmitting and receiving devices is to deny science and reality. All tools are potentially constructive or destructive. As with any tool, its function improves with correct use. 

Our use of AI and personal devices will likely increase. It calls us to be aware, informed, and to use any means possible to protect our own bodies, and those of our children, by shielding our devices, and choosing to demand safe technology. Banks and other financial institutions now urge their clients to carry chipped cards in RFID protected wallets. At NixRay, we wholeheartedly agree, and that’s why our products provide RFID shielding.

By all means, protect your wealth.
But above all, protect your health.

The Guardian: Never mind the hype. 5G is arriving with deeply mysterious baggage

Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure: Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences.

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