As a single mother raising two sons, I often wondered about the world I had brought them into. Seeing them glued to their devices – for gaming as well as for school – I knew the paradigm had shifted and there was no going back.  

I wondered, increasingly, about the potential danger of the proximity of high frequency microwave devices to the vulnerable bodies of sensitive people, infants and children, pregnant women, and fetuses. 

I no longer felt comfortable putting my laptop on my lap. Yet it’s virtually impossible to imagine navigating through life – personal, professional, and educational – without Radio Frequency devices. 

NixRay was born of my desire to create innovative and sustainable solutions to the negative impact of technology upon our planet and the life it supports. I believe that safety and technology can, and must, go hand in hand.

I developed NixRay Radio Frequency and RFID shielding antimicrobial phone and computer bags and cases to answer this need.

With the exception of our Italian zippers, all NixRay materials and powder-coated hardware are sourced in the US — from the bee’s wax treatment by women in Texas, to all of our cases being produced in a women-owned-and-operated sewing house that is local to me in New England, which is highly experienced in sewing science-based MIL-Spec production for the US Military and NASA.

We use sustainable materials whenever possible and will continue to explore and use ways in which to further decrease our carbon blueprint. 

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