RFK JR - The Dangers of 5G & The Problem with “Trusting The Experts”

 “My concern with 5G is the RF radiation from 5G is dangerous. It disrupts the blood brain barrier. It is also associated with glioblastomas & other cancers & it causes a lot of other dramatic health effects and there are literally thousands of studies on that. And I’ve won in the Federal Court of Appeals, So you can say it’s a “conspiracy theory”,… I also won a case against on monsanto and glyphosate, that they caused Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and that’s as called a “conspiracy theory…> We need to protect our children. We should not have these antennas on elementary schools. We should be warning people appropriately to not put that cell phone next to your head.


“Trusting the experts is a function of religion and totalitarianism, and is not a function of democracy, and in a democracy we question everything.”

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