As a mom, you worry about your kids, and their devices in this day and age where they abound.

Quite different from my youth.  I began to wonder about electromagnetic fields while watching my sons repeatedly put their cell phones in their front pockets, and leave their computers open on their bed at night.  A friend mentioned to me in order to get a proper sleep, everything electromagnetic should be completely shut down every night.  I knew no matter how many times I told my boys to shut down their devices that their phones and laptops sat on their beds all night, activated.  It caused me concern for everyone’s well being, that they were not getting a proper, deep sleep. What would the long term effects be?

In the fall of 2012 I had a dream. In this dream I made computer cases that protected my family from the differing frequencies emanated. I awoke feeling charged and began my research to see if something existed that would be a protector barrier. It took a while but I finally found that our military had used such a fabric to make tents for the president to make phone calls within that wouldn’t allow tracking. Why couldn’t I use this fabric and make computer cases and cell phone cases to protect my family?

Being a seamstress with a big family, I began to make cases for my loved ones. From there, word grew.  Today, I present you with NixRay protective cases. This amazing silver-plated fabric not only help shield you from radio waves, it is also anti-microbial!